A new activity centre suitable for young people and adults is to be created on the park alongside the coach drive near to the university boundary. The origins of this project lie in our work extending over four years in which we wanted to retain the old play area and convert it to a social and activity centre for young people. There had been problems over many years with young people, mainly WQE students, hanging out on the old play area which made it difficult for parents and children to use it. The planned activity centre would have given them a place of their own.

As part of their deliberations over the section 106 funding the council decided to abandon our proposal and instead replace it with the current plan in a different location. We had already consulted WQE students about what equipment the centre should have and the layout they wanted for the activity area. Because of the change of plan, and more money being available, the council consulted them again with some new options for equipment. The idea of the centre is to create a blend of activity and enjoyment – fun in other words, as well as somewhere to meet and sit, as a way of attracting young people to the area. The illustration below shows some of the equipment options which were available.

This illustration shows the selected equipment and the layout plan for the new area.

Layout of activity area

The new location is further away from WQE College but it is hoped it will still be near enough to form a focal point for their young people on the park. Certainly some provision for young people is needed for young people on this side of the park as we were recently advised that young people were hanging around near the park entrance and in the surrounding residential area of Clarendon Park.