You can help make a phone app for the park. Jenny Wilkinson has been in touch to ask for people to help with her project to create a phone app for Victoria Park. The park is a long way behind in using digital technology. This app will make information about the park available on your phone linked to wherever you are on the park. Looks like a great idea so please help.

This is what Jenny says

“I’m Jenny Wilkinson. I’ve lived in Clarendon Park for more than 20 years and I’d like your help with my research project on Victoria Park.

The research is for a PhD at De Montfort University and is looking at how digital media such as mobile phones can help visitors learn and understand more about outdoor heritage sites – in this case Victoria Park. As part of the research I’m developing an app for the park which you will be able to use to access information about the park – where you are on it, the things the park offers which you might want to see, and the important and fascinating history of the park.


Prototype app

I’m looking for people to use a prototype app on the park to see the extent to which it adds to your understanding and awareness of the historical significance of the park, and improves your experience of the park as a visitor and park user.

The first step

As a first step in creating the prototype app I need to get a better understanding of how you currently use the park, and the ways in which a phone app might be useful to you. To do this I’ve created a short questionnaire which only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Using the questionnaire I’m trying to find out: how familiar you are with Victoria Park; how you currently use and interact with the park; what you currently use your mobile phone for whilst on the park; and your ideas about how a digital guide accessible from your phone would help you learn more about it.


The questionnaire is on this link: and it would be a great help if you would take a look and complete it for me. The deadline is 10th June 2017 so please don’t delay.

Testing the app

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire if you would like to be involved in testing the prototype app on the park later this summer please email me at

Making a difference

This should be a really interesting way of trying out something new on the park and  seeing how well it works. It could be the first step towards using apps to make a  difference to your visits to the park. Just think of the different things it could do. If you have good ideas, why not tell Jenny about them.


Help Make a Phone App for the Park