The new footpath is open at Queen’s Road. It follows the ‘desire line’ which cut across from one path to the pedestrian crossing at the Queen’s Road junction. A ‘desire line’ is a path created by people choosing to walk their own route, usually as a short cut, rather than following the formal pathways.

View along the new footpath

Still more to do

The work isn’t completely finished yet. Some new signage still need to be installed, and new bow-top railings will run along the edge of Victoria Park Road at this point to encourage walkers to use the formal paths rather than create any more ‘desire lines’.  In addition to the new path, the area where the old path from the war memorial joined Victoria Park Road has been relaid and new retractable bollards installed. This meeting point of paths was badly in need of improvement and is now much better than it was.

Needs a little time

At the moment the new path looks a bit like a scar running across that part of the park, but with a little time for weathering and growing-in it should blend in much better. Some new planting is planned, and the adjacent ground area has been built up by the addition of waste from the very recent edge cutting of the footpaths and cycleways along Victoria Park Road. The sharper eyed user will have noticed how much neater the edges look now, and how much wider the footpath and cycleway is now the edge has been restored to its proper place.

And a bit more good news

For a long time we have been trying to get better marking of the footpaths and cycleways along Victoria Park Road and parts of the park. We understand this is now to happen soon. At frequent intervals the footpaths and cycleways will have additional markings to indicate which is the footpath and which is the cycleway. The absence of markings has been a long standing cause of confusion, particularly along Victoria Park Road. The new signs should make it clearer for everyone.

New Footpath Open at Queen’s Road