The park looks bleak in the winter so it’s nice to see the signs of spring appearing once more. The crocuses are great this year, and the daffodils are not far behind.

Crocuses along Victoria Park Road
Daffodils near Queen’s Road

If you want to see then at their best don’t delay – they are not around for long.

A Visit from Doris

It’s said the March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. We met the lion when Doris passed through the park recently. Doris the storm, that is! The roads were covered in tree debris, and we lost one big Lime on the park and lots of other branches.

Lime tree down near the tennis courts
Side view of the Lime tree

It’s an ill-wind, as they say, and we managed to get the larger pieces of the Lime retained on the park to provide new habitats and encourage bio-diversity.   They will provide additional habitats for small wildlife as they slowly break down over the years. This is what now remains of the tree. When ground conditions permit the large pieces will be moved to the nature area around the pond and in the spinneys.

The remains of the Lime

It looked on inspection as though there was some internal decay at the base of this tree which is probably why it came down. It’s a worry with the older trees on the park that they will be moving towards the end of their lives and over they years more of them will be lost. It shows the importance of tree management and replanting both now and continuing in future years.

Spring is sprung