Some time ago when we did a survey of what people wanted to see developed on the park one of the most popular choices was a bandstand. The council have decided that a bandstand will form part of the section 106 funded developments on the park. This is a concept illustration of what is likely to be installed on the park

This shows the type of bandstand which is planned to be installed with some seating plans around it. It will be located in a central position in the community field, the one next to the cycleway to the university with the children’s play area in it. A map showing its position can be seen here. This field will also see some additional sporadic tree planting to create areas of shade as pleasant places to sit in sunny weather.  The bandstand will have a power supply as nearly all musicians now use electric instruments. We have suggested that there should be some system of controlling access to power along with some upper limit on the amount of power supplied to ensure that undue noise disturbances are not created. 

The illustration also shows some proposed seating around the bandstand. We have an open mind about the planned seating designed to attract wildlife. It depends what type of wildlife decides to live in there! We have also suggested some traditional picnic style benches too as we would like to see the bandstand become a natural focal point for the community in that field.