The nature and trim trail is within the eco-area fairly close to the wildlife pond. It is made up of sturdy wooden pieces having nature related themes and engravings.

There is a section with a balance beam, stepping stones, a canyon bridge and parallel ropes, all of which help children develop and have fun.There are nature engraved tables and seating, a sensory board, a large dragonfly with seating around it, and nearby a crocodile lurks in the grass. Additional seating made from large logs cut to shape will also soon be installed.


The nature trail is a great place for children to have fun, develop physical skills like balance and climbing, and learn about nature. It fits well with the surrounding eco-area and the wildlife pond. Very close by is the new play area for older children which offers more opportunities for fun and activity.




Press Release: Biffa Award brings Nature Trail to Victoria Park

A fun and exciting nature trail designed to get children physically active and learning about nature is to be created in Leicester's Victoria Park. Seventeen pieces of wooden equipment, ranging from rope bridges to giant wooden butterflies, will form a trail from the path to the existing pond and spinney area. “Work will begin ...
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