Some sports facilities are currently closed because of the Centenary Walk works around the main park entrance. People are asking what facilities will be there when the work is completed, and when will they re-open. The latest we know is that the sports facilities will re-open early in 2017 when the main works on Centenary Walk are completed. Check below for the individual sports.

Tennis Courts

The four tennis courts are nearly ready. They have a new permeable playing surface meaning rainwater will pass through rather than forming puddles. The surrounding fencing has been replaced and they look much better than before. The floodlighting will be installed next and then they should be ready. However they will have to remain closed until surrounding works are completed as there are concerns about balls being hit into the areas were works are continuing, They should re-open early in 2017.


We have been asked if there will still be a skate park. The answer is yes. There will be a new floodlit skate park. We understand the local skateboarding community have been involved in creating a design, and work on the new skate park is due to start very soon. It is hoped it will be completed before the end of the year to re-open early 2017.

Basketball Court

We have also been asked if there will be a basketball court. Again, the answer is yes. There will be a half sized basketball practice court, which is smaller than before because of space limitations. The new court will be floodlit to allow playing to continue during the dark evenings in the winter.

The basketball court will probably be the last thing to be completed but currently it is hoped it will be ready by the end of the year to re-open early 2017.

We understand there is the possibility of an additional full size basketball court being provided sometime in the future, but the funding for that would have to be found. It would be good if this could happen, but with funding so tight these days, don’t hold your breath!

Five-a-side Football Courts

These haven’t been changed by the Centenary Walk works but have been closed because of balls going into the working areas.  They should re-open at the same time as the other sports facilities which will be in early 2017.

Progress on Other Things

The refurbished main gates will be replaced when the work outside the lodges in completed. Again there is no definite date yet but should be before the end of the year.

The work on the car parking areas should be fully completed and both sections open by the end of January next year, 2017.

We will keep you updated if things change and as soon as there is a final date for completions and re-opening we will let everyone know.




UPDATE – What’s Happening with the Sports Facilities?