Pond Dipping in Victoria Park

The wildlife pond on Victoria Park can be found within the eco-area to the south-west corner of the park. It was created around the same time as the eco-area, itself mainly to support and encourage the development of bio-diversity on the park. It is not primarily an ornamental or recreational pond of the type more typically found in public parks and it is not always seen as an attractive feature of the park, particularly when it dries out as part of its natural cycle in dry summer periods.


The pond has attracted different forms of wild-life and the information boards at the pond give interesting details of the different creatures that may be found within it.

Notice board by the Wildlife Pond

In addition, water birds sometimes take up residence there and pairs of ducks are quite frequently seen. The associated wetland areas and reed beds also support wildlife of different kinds.

Work is ongoing to improve the pond making it better for wildlife and more attractive as a feature of the park. The Friends group recently added an extension to the boardwalk and the newly installed nearby nature and trim trail provides a further attraction for children and parents.


A Meeting by the Park Pond

The Friends group has been working to improve the pond area and make it an attractive and interesting place for children and parents. Earlier this year the boardwalk extension was installed using a grant of about £5,000 from the Lottery. Later this year, early September is the planned date, a ...
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Pond Boardwalk Extension

Following a successful bid to The Lottery Awards for All fund the boardwalk around the pond has been extended across a boggy area of land which previously made the pond inaccessible from the paths at the back of the pond. This means the pond is now accessible from the pathway ...
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